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Siemens Stiftung Newsletter
Issue 14 | December 2016

    “A Brimming Spirit:” Werner von Siemens’ 200th birthday

We live in brimming times: the explosion of knowledge and disruptive power of new technologies in a world growing closer together at ever-quickening pace. Werner von Siemens experienced similar times in the 19th century. He took a close look at these developments and understood the opportunity and necessity for doing things differently and the great potential this would offer to individuals and society.

Applying science and technology for the practical benefit of others – Siemens Stiftung feels strongly connected to this heritage. To mark the occasion of Werner von Siemens’ 200th birthday, we have compiled a book based on his letters. “It is an inspiration for all of today’s 'brimming spirits,’ who use creative ideas and energy to affect positive change in our time,” said Nathalie von Siemens, Managing Director of Siemens Stiftung and great-great granddaughter of Werner von Siemens.

In a video interview, Nathalie von Siemens provides some insights into the book, which was published by Murmann Verlag. You can find a free PDF download of “A Brimming Spirit: Werner von Siemens in Letters” on our website.

Watch the video interview
Download the book


News from the projects

    empowering people. Award: Innovative solutions for developing regions

A bracelet that can save the life of a newborn, health insurance that is financed from recycled trash, and a pump that works without electricity to water fields. Learn more about the three winners of the Siemens Stiftung international empowering people. Award in a series of videos. Prizes went to solutions and products that help improve the lives of people in developing regions in a sustainable way.

Watch the winner videos

    Successful year for Music In Africa

The “Music In Africa Foundation” was started in 2013 out of an initiative by Siemens Stiftung together with Goethe-Institut and other partners. It's goal: an online platform for Africa's music world. Since then, the foundation has seen rapid growth, both in terms of the organization and the content it provides. Last year alone, 15 new partners came on board. Information on 27 African countries is already available online, and more than 150,000 users visit the site every month. The newest developments are outlined in the foundation’s latest annual report.

Read the Music In Africa Foundation Annual Report

    Symposium “STEM and Values – How to create values in the classroom”

How can we strengthen pupils’ skills and attitudes about responsible involvement in society? And what role will creating values have in the natural sciences and technology? This is the key question of the “STEM and Values” symposium on March 27, 2017. Siemens Stiftung is inviting education policy makers, scientists, and people working in the field to Munich for a multifaceted discourse on the need for value-based teaching and learning in science and technology education.

Read more about the conference

    Science and art: “STEAM” conference in Peru

Peru’s “Foro STEAM,” established in part by Siemens Stiftung, fosters life-long learning at all levels of education. The classic “STEM” subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) are joined by the arts to complete the new acronym. STEAM aims to combine innovation and creativity with scientifically-backed knowledge. Speeches at the annual conference by participants from Peru's most important education institutions are available online.

Watch the videos (in Spanish)

    Education program Experimento starts in Nigeria

Since September, training sessions for our international education program Experimento have been taking place in Nigeria in cooperation with the University of Lagos. Fifteen professors are being instructed on how to utilize discovery-based learning in STEM lessons. They will pass on this knowledge to other teachers in the Lagos region. Through the professors who take part in the program, Experimento has also taken the first step toward teacher training. The Nigerian education ministry has planned a comprehensive evaluation of the program.

Read more about the project

    Effective social enterprise: ARD report on Safe Water Enterprise in Kenya

There's cause for celebration in Korumba, Kenya: The water kiosk that was established there in 2014 was handed over to the community in a festive ceremony. In the last two years, the community showed that the kiosk could be socially and financially independently and sustainably maintained. Journalists from German broadcaster ARD visited the Safe Water Enterprise and reported on the technology and the people behind it as part of their series “Ideas that could change our lives” for ARD’s science programming.

Watch the report (with English subtitles)

    OneDollarGlasses for people in Burkina Faso

The vision of OneDollarGlasses is a world where every person can afford glasses. Siemens Stiftung supports the organization as it implements its concept in Burkina Faso. By training local employees and using both a stationary shop for glasses and a mobile sales team, the aim is to achieve comprehensive coverage that includes rural areas. The concept is based on a social enterprise business model.

Read more about the project




Now available


Application: Coaching for social entrepreneurs
Following a self-evaluation the empowering people. Network offers individual consulting and training at no charge.


December 12, 2016
Berlin, Germany


  Symposium PISA 2015, Focus on STEM
The second national PISA symposium discusses the results of the 2015 study, which emphasizes STEM subjects.


March 8-10, 2017
Cape Town, South Africa


Open Education Global Conference
The conference addressed developments and innovations in the field of Open Educational Resources (OER).


March 27, 2017
Munich, Germany


Symposium “STEM and Values”
The event addresses the topic of creating values in STEM education using an interactive format.


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